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Chocolate bars

Only in Switzerland

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71 Rue de Carouge

The incomparable chocolate spread with hazelnuts has made the reputation of the house. Come and listen to David Paganel telling its story...

The Paganella

Cocoa beans coming from Madagascar, coated with a 80% cocoa dark chocolate couverture.

The chocolate

cocoa beans

Candied fruits, carefully selected, coated with a 75% cocoa dark chocolate couverture.

Orange, Grapefruit,

Ginger, Cardon

Assortment of pralines in boxes of 9, 16, 25 or 26.

For everyone's taste : dark, milk chocolate or a mix.

The pralines

Traditional almonds revisited with different flavours : lemon, raspberry, Matcha green tea...

The multicolored 

chocolate almonds

A sélection of cocoa without added sugar.

The recipe :  Voluptuously mix 2 table spoons of chocolate powder in a cup of tenderly heated milk.

Old fashioned

hot chocolate

Our cakes

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Caramelized puff pastry

Vanilla chantilly

Fresh strawberries and raspberries

The Millefeuille

Joconde biscuit

Coffee butter cream

Chocolate ganache

The Opera

Almond biscuit

Lime cream

Fresh raspberries


The Pompadour

Pistachio mousse and biscuit

Passion fruit cream

Pistachio macarons

The Isabelle

Caramelized Joconde biscuit

Vanilla chantilly

Chocolate chantilly

The Saint-Marc

Almond biscuit

Vanilla mousseline

Fresh strawberries

The Fraisier

Choux pastry

Almond-hazelnut mousseline


The Paris-Brest

Biscuit cuillère

Pear light cream

Poched pears

The Pear Charlotte

Dark chocolate 64%

Without flour - Gluten free

The Chocolate Cake

Chocolate meringues

Strong dark chocolate mousse

Gluten free

The Bitter

Choux pastry

Puff pastry

Vanilla and rhum cream


The Saint-Honoré

Some sweetness

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